DEFCON 20 Recap

DefCon 20 (aka Defcon XX) was the biggest hacker convention ever and we had a lot of planning ahead of us this year. We were asked by Defcon to be the official swag vendor selling off the remainder defcon swag from prior years and years to come.

With that we were offered a different booth space, years prior we had our A-Frame PVC constructed booth that would lean against the wall that would tower 25 feet tall covered with our camouflage tarp displaying our latest products. We had 3 tables side by side with space underneath the tables for storage and shelving located against the wall within the a-frame for additional space.

The space we were offered this year was front and center, great for the eyes and great traffic. But we had to go back to the drawing board for our booth design as the space was different. No walls to lean our tower against and the space although more tables was less storage space and our signage had to be created from scratch.

We sketched out a few designs and came up with the idea of hanging our signage above our booth space in two layers in a square format visible from all sides The top square layer would be the signs, eye catching that would bring people to our booth. The second layer, closer to the ground would showcase our latest products. Each side had products displayed, and beneath the 2nd layer was an optional third layer of poster board signs promotion our new products.

First we created the artwork for the vinyl pieces that would become the square sign layer at top. We printed them and allowed for lightweight pvc poles to go through them to connect to one another with 90 degree brackets forming the square at both the top and bottom.

The unit was connected to the grid above by the convention staff and lifted above our booth center. The second layer was attached and the products were fastened with only a few minutes before the doors opened.

We received such positive feedback about our display and products this year from people who had attended for years and many new people. We look forward to next year where we can implement some changes and new ideas to the display!

Hope you enjoyed this post and photographs!