DEFCON 22 Recap & Aftermath

Greetings from HackerStickers and welcome to all the new visitors to the site. We invite you to bookmark the site and join our mailing list to get notified of new hardware and shirts we add to our site as well as promotions and coupon codes!

It was awesome meeting all the new people this year and seeing friendly faces we’ve met over the years!  Many of the shirts we brought sold out, luckily we found some of the shirts that were in boxes we had lost until we tore down the booth, these shirts were added online and are available to you!

We had quite a few people ask if we accepted bitcoin at the conference. I want to tell you a little story about bitcoin and our steps to accepting it on our site. We had hired a developer to do a plugin for our shopping cart software for Mt. Gox, we had gotten it all setup and ready to fire up the payment method until the following day Mt.Gox crumbled. Besides our development and time we didn’t lose anything as many of you did when the site went offline. We’re indeed looking to accept bitCoin again but need to select someone who isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

We had two DEF CON 22 designed shirts this year. One titled Cirque du Hack created by a local artist which depicted the key figure front and center with the circus of hackers surrounding him with the large building in the background along with the big tops. The second shirt was titled DELTA (Typography) which featured the DEFCON name spelled out with NATO phonetic alphabet with GPS coordinates and dates under it and the 22 large to the right. Both of these shirts were a hit along with the Uncle Sam - You are all being watched and the Brain Circuitry design t-shirt. was front and center at with Squelchtone (LP101 Admin) and Mr. Picks (LP101 Founder) standing by the lock pick board teaching people how to pick locks and improve their technique. Lock picking is a natural fit in the hacker community because of the physical security aspect and wanting/needing to learn how the mechanics work and trying to hack (pick) the locks to open. A new Lock Picking 101 shirt was also released with a vintage style design titled ‘Locks Picked Here’. ..