Hacker Convention in New Orleans - NoLaCon

Hacker conferences are annual occurrence all over the world, but very few give you the opportunity to experience charisma of the New Orleans. My first encounter with Big Easy came by way of a marketing trip many years ago, and ever since then, I've kept returning almost every year. It may have something to do with the great food, or maybe it’s the to-go drink cups you get when you want to leave a bar and wander around the town. Maybe it’s the alluring aura of the town and liveliness of the residents that keeps me coming back. In a way, New Orleans is very similar to Las Vegas, except it's more compact. You don’t have to take taxis everywhere, or walk those city miles (casino blocks) to get from one place to another. Everything is local the night life, the architecture, the history, it's all there.



So now that we know the city is well worth visiting, let’s talk about NoLaCon (June 19-22 2014). In their first year, Nolacon, a conference geared towards hackers and security experts alike, was ran flawlessly. Housed in the gorgeous Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street, located practically in the center of the French Quarter. The speaker lineup was superb, and the intimate environment allowed for extended time periods to answer question and pick the brains of the fellow hackers. If you missed the conference, take a look at the speaker lineup on NolaCon.com to see what happened, including the different training events and villages that were set up for the event weekend.

Would we go back? In a heartbeat! Not only does HackerStickers love supporting the community and being involved, but we really did enjoy this conference and look forward to next year's event!