Hacker Stickers - New Office = New Swag

Hacker Stickers had been operating on the second floor of a nicely secured quaint building for years complete with 3 offices and no elevator. When we first started Hacker Stickers we didn't have much inventory and stickers were light enough to move in and out, then we expanded to start selling shirts. The first few conventions moving in and out was manageable but as years passed and the inventory continued to grow it became a pain moving everything in and out up and down the stairs each time.

The time had come where decisions had to be made, we had just brought on a new vendor for us to start selling their swag and we had 10 new designs printed for a convention. We had officially ran out of space to put anything and moving up and down those stairs was becoming brutal.

Rather than moving the truck full of merchandise back up the stairs the truck remained loaded and we migrated to a new office, located in a secure facility and on the first floor complete with warehouse space, offices and loading doc. It took a while to get everything back together. First the shelving needed to be reconstructed, then the merchandise had to be organized, inventoried and labeled. We're thankful for everyone who helped out with the move and getting the office back together! It was definitely hard but we are back up to speed!

What's to come? We are taking pictures of all the new, forgotten, and limited edition items, plugging in the inventory and putting them live on the site. I'm sure by now many of you have seen all the neat DEFCON swag we've added, we have a ton more so keep checking back and follow us to keep up with the latest items.

Here's to the future!
Thank you all for being great supporters!