How HackerStickers Began

HackerStickers wasn't always as big as it is today. In fact it started like many businesses out of the apartment home with a small idea starting from a hobby.

I had a friend that owned a sticker business, one of those kiosks at the mall that makes custom stickers, the kind you see on the back of people's cars. I did a bulk purchase of two sticker designs and manufactured one t-shirt. With these the few items I went to a convention and sold the heck out of them, and they sold pretty well. After the conference I tallied up all the numbers and a profit was made!

DC 9 Shirt

The only problem was that these conferences didn't happen weekly -- what to do with the leftover supplies? We contacted a few larger businesses that had websites setup that we thought could liquidate the merchandise fairly quick. We hit a wall though, one company wanted to obtain the rights to the artwork and print the merchandise themselves leaving us with the remaining stock whereas others revenue share wasn't high enough to make it worthwhile.

I never thought of starting my own online business retailing 'hacker swag' until then. And HackerStickers was built focusing on stickers for laptops and cars. One design after another we kept adding stickers and people kept ordering. We expanded over time adding products besides stickers such as hardware kits, t-shirts, hats, then glassware.

We returned annually to the different hacker conventions getting our name out and sponsoring events. Since then with our loyal followers, fans and addicts we have grown and have been blessed to meet many great folks to give us the opportunity to keep at it, hacking away at new ideas, promoting cool tools and helping educate the hacker and security community.

More to follow!