Keeping an Eye on Big Brother

There's a story behind every piece of artwork we use for our clothing line. It all starts with an idea that turns into a sketch.
In the HackerStickers office we have many of these originals framed for those who visit to see how it transformed from the idea into the final product. The Big Brother t-shirt was modeled off of the idea that we're already being watched so much that it's time to keep an eye on big brother ourselves.

The artwork portrays a group of hackers surrounded by the government and their surveillance equipment. The hackers are using the same systems the government created to watch the agency themselves.

The artist took great pleasure in creating an image detailed with easter eggs to make any fed, hacker or security expert laugh.

If you're a believer in privacy or hacking surveillance systems this piece of artwork is available on cotton canvas (aka t-shirts & long sleeve ) as well as a nice big brother poster for your wall.

Big Brother Design