New Inventory Count Display

We've got a lot going on under the hood of Hacker Stickers website and today we'd like to announce the inventory count display that allows the user to see how low stock is running on a product.

Stock levels

This is a new feature we wanted to implement to let our users have the ability to see how high or low stock is on an item at any time. There are items we constantly reorder then there are the limited editions and runs that will never be produced again -- we feel its important to give you an inside look at our system so that you can get that item you wanted in time before it runs out forever.

We have a lot of new features for the site in the works - If you think we're missing something shoot us a message or leave a comment on Facebook. We will keep it in mind as we expand the site to be even more awesome!

Happy Holidays!
The Hacker Stickers Team