ToorCon 14 - A Hacker’s Affair

We packed up a weekends worth of Hacker Stickers gear and headed out to San Diego for ToorCon 14 (10/19/12-10/21/12) to showcase our latest products. ToorCon San Diego has been happening for 14 years now, a centralized convention for hackers and security folks alike to learn and discuss the latest in the industry.

We shared exhibitor convention space with the lock pick village, tamper evidence contest and Ada's technical bookstore popup shop.. meeting lots of great people and learning new 'security' techniques.

This was the first in many years it had moved locations, now at the Westin San Diego it felt much more personable and was nice to be moved away from the cold-feeling convention center where people would walk a while to get back to their rooms. Very nice to have it centralized and everyone so close!

We had a blast hanging out with our hacker friends from LA, OC, SD, the surrounding 2600 meetings and Irvine Underground, and look forward to the next ToorCon!

ToorCon 14!