Caffeinated ChapStick


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SpazzStick 4 Flavor Sampler Pack
SpazzStick Chocolate Cake
SpazzStick Chocolate Cake 4 Pack
SpazzStick Mint
SpazzStick Mint Flavor 4 Pack
SpazzStick Orange Cream
SpazzStick Orange Cream 4 Pack
SpazzStick Vanilla Toffee
SpazzStick Vanilla Toffee 4 pack
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What do you call caffeine chapstick? Answer: SpazzStick and it is available online through in all its flavors and wonders. The caffeine loaded into this chapstick absorbs directly into your lips giving you an energy blast of caffeine! Try all these great flavors, as it gets colder or if your one of those chapstick (lipbalm) addicts this is something new for you to try and get addicted to.

Caffeine Chapstick, what-more could you ever want, available in great flavors. Spazzstick Flavors:

Chocolate Cake Caffeine ChapStick
Vanilla Toffee Caffeine ChapStick
Mint Caffeinated ChapStick
Orange Caffeine ChapStick

Order your Caffeine ChapStick and save your lips from the dry weather.