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Icymint - Box (12 Packs)
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Jolt Gum Icymint is chalk full of energy delivered by Caffeine, Guarna and Ginseng. Two pieces of this tasty gum has the drive of a cup of coffee. The cool Icymint flavor Jolt Gum delivers will give you icymint fresh breath too! Each pack of Gum contains 12 pieces, equivelent to six cups of coffee. Now available by the pack or box (12 packs).

Get your energy kicks from the same company who made Jolt Cola Drinks delivered in the form of tasty gum in Icymint flavor. Spend the night studying for the midterm or just work on hacking your code till the early morning. Jolt Gum Icymint Energy Gum = Caffeine, Ginseng and Guarana