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The sharp fresh citrus taste sells the gum itself, it doesn.t matter that it contains so much energy from the contents contained within such as the Guarana and Taurine. (Heh ok maybe that's not true, so maybe it goes hand in hand with each other, fresh taste of citrus and tons of energy!) You can try to stop smoking by addicting yourself to Citrus Penguin Gum, not sure if it will work but in turn you will also be addicted to this energy gum!

So what is Guarana and Taurine? Just because it doesn.t say its pure caffeine doesn.t mean its not packed with the same amount of energy or other stimulants. In fact, guarana, the amazonian berry is more caffeine-potent than caffeine, and contains caffeine without giving you that horrid caffeine flavor. And taurine, well this is. Xxx. X.x x. x.

Pick up a tin of Citrus Energy Penguin Gum today, if thinking of trying all three flavors just go with the 3 pack giving you one of each tins full of energy in gum format!