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Penguin Mints are the origional caffeinated peppermints. Stock up on these Penguin Candy Mints that deliver you a refreshing peppermint flavor and boost your energy with its loads of caffeine.

Fact: 3 Penguin Mints = 1 Cola (Caffeine Level)

Penguin Mints come in a tin, the tin itself is stylish and it hold many many mints. serving size is 3 pieces (you know that crazy labeling nutritional crap they put on the back) and the package says it is about 25 servings! So 25 x 3 = 75 Penguin Mints.

Order a single tin or get yourself a great deal by ordering 3 tins at once saving yourself a huge amount! These mints are sugar free but taste great! There is no doubt why the Penguin Mints are so desirable, they taste so good and give you so much caffeine per little mint!