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ChargeCard Credit Card Cables for iPhone s/5s/5c or Android/MicroUSB Cord


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iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPad Lightning, iPad Mini Cable
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The ChargeCard was invented by nomad and its a cable for your device that’s so slim it fits in your wallet. It comes in the shape of a credit card and ensures you can always be connected no matter if you are on the go traveling this is the perfect cable without bulk!

ChargeCard Options:
iPhone Charge Card - Works with iPhone 5/5s/5c, Lightning iPad, iPad Mini and is a perfect accessory to fit in your wallet, purse, backpack or sleeve.

Micro USB cable - Perfect for any device that has a microUSB cable port such as Android phone, camera. One side is MicroUSB and the other is regular USB to connect to your laptop or external drive or car charger.

When HackerStickers saw the ChargeCard we fell in love and immediately saw the quality and sleekness of the device. This is a perfect cable for your iPhone (USB Lightning Cable) or MicroUSB devices.