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If you are in any type of computer related "scene" you damned well know what "RTFM" is, since you either have been commanded or otherwise commanded others to do so regardless of rank... take it a step further with this t-shirt "RTFMFM" which stands for "Read The Fucking Manual Fucking Moron!". You know what I am talking about... You have felt the need burning inside, you have told ^lusers^ again and again out of the kindness of your heart, but this is it! Tell them how you really feel! They probably wouldn't get it anyway. Using the latest in blackwave camouflage technology the t-shirt appears as a happening t-shirt you would find at your local online retailer that makes alternative shirts, no biggie, just another one of those... but only those with a keen eye will be able to READ what it actually says! Show them how you feel, you know you really want to!.. See more hacking shirts