Drunken Linux Tux Shot glass


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rm -rf your hard drive with just one ounce!

Tux was with us for one of our late night Linux install sessions with the group and a whole bunch of geeks mixed with tux can be troublesome. By the first portion of the install tux was tipsy, and by the time he set the root password he was blitz. He was showing a few people in the group some of his mad hax0r skills when he typed his secret password 'rm -rf' trashing the system. When installing Linux please drink responsibly and ensure that when you delete files off of the system you know your permissions and you are deleting the appropriate files.

We all know there's been times when you thought you were deleting one file and you accidently deleted another one instead. Buy this drunken Tux shotglass concepts by Kallahar designed by rikx and sold to promote Irvine Underground Organization.