Handcuff Key


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Handcuff keys are universal for the most part, the majority of handcuff keys are the same so this key will work on 97% of the handcuffs in the world. This small short black handcuff key is made out of high quality materials and contains the punch on the back as well as a keyring. It is up to you where you store this handy little key.

This hand cuff key may save your life some day or someone else. Imagine this, your son comes home in handcuffs and says that he needs your help. You can now free your son of the handcuffs. Now as the reader you may be thinking that these are police handcuffs or by the fact he isnt wearing pants that some kinky things went down. No matter the case its always good to have this key in your collection.

Get yourself a handcuff key, the next time your wife handcuffs you to the bed you can be a magician and magically free yourself ;)