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The Mini-KeyKatcher is half the size of the origional KeyKatcher and holds either 32k or 64k in data on the tiny Mini KeyKatcher keystroke recorder.

The Mini Key Katcher records keystroke by simply plugging this mini-keykatcher into the back of the computer connecting the device to the computer and the keyboard to the device.

Keyboard > Mini-KeyKatcher > Computer

The Mini-KeyKatcher hardware device is hard-coded and does not require batteries or power supplies to remember everything recorded. The device can be attached and removed freely without losing any data by storing the data on non-volatile memory in either 32k or 64k sizes. The device is self-standing and does not require any third-pary software to be installed or to read the data, simply plug this device between the keyboard and computer and it's actively recording everything typed on the keyboard.

Reteiving the data recorded to the device is easy, simply attach to a computer and type in the password while in a text editor such as Word, Pico, Vi, or TextEdit. Upon typing the password the device interprets the data and spits out interactive menus where you can view all the data, export it, delete it, search it, view website addresses typed in and more. The password can be changed at any time and the device can be set to not record keystrokes by toggling it on/off while still plugged in.

The Mini-KeyKatcher connects to any PS/2 keyboard and does not require any software to read or record the data. This Mini KeyKatcher can be plugged into one computer and plugged into the next without any installations or work. Capture keystrokes by recording them, monitor your children without software getting in the way or crashing constantly like other keystroke recorders that are software based and require you to install them. It is great in cases where the computer crashes and you need to obtain all your lost work without redoing it all. Makes a perfect gift for parents, students and spouses. The Mini KeyKatcher is our favorite hardware based keylogger to be used for keystroke recording and key capturing of keystrokes inputted via the keyboard.