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Sparrows Lock Picks Motel Keys

We all love our privacy, especially while traveling! These keys are based off the old trick that was used by traveling salesmen to prevent access to the motel rooms they would stay in. Back in the day they had cash and their warez they were peddling. Now-a-days we have all these electronics on top of everything else and identity theft is on the rise. Criminals would use bypass keys or make copies of the keys to the room when they stayed there to gain access when other people stayed in there. Motel keys are the solution to making the lock inoperable and the room a little bit more private by stopping access to the lock!

These sparrow lock picks motel keys come with two parts.

#1 Barb - This is placed into the lock to make it inoperable.
#2 Slide - Ramps up onto the pins letting you remove the barb making the lock work again.

This sparrows lock picks motel set contains keys for
Standard Schlage, Kwickset, Weiser and Yale