Smallest Hidden Handcuff Key TIHK


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The TIHK Handcuff key is a must have for your lock picking collection. This universal handcuff key fits standard peeler handcuffs and is made of reinforced polymer material with a low visibility matt black finish. TIHK Handcuff keys are crafted proudly in the United States of America (USA) and weigh only .2 grams. The overall size of a TIHK concealable handcuff key is 0.75 x 0.16 x 0.3.

The small TIHK Handcuff keys have a hook perfect for your belt loop to create a fully concealed look. This is a handcuff key that goes undetectable and works for any situation. This is a favorite amongst law enforcement, military and private contractors because of its hidden size, low weight and material. 

There are plenty of handcuff keys on the market, but this is a true wearable, concealable and lightweight handcuff key set to open most all handcuffs (peerless universal). Makes a great gift!