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Imagine yourself in the middle of a large CO feeling you have the power to control communication. Phreaking was very active during the late 80's, Steve Jobs and Wozniak were making blueboxes and selling them. Telephones communicate to the phone companies via tones, a red box could emulate the sound of a dime, quarter, and nickel as it dropped into the coin slot. Playing the sounds into a unmuted payphone handset when prompted to insert your 2 dollars and 25 cents would give you a free call. As time past the methods were prevented by the telcos changing their systems and equipment. Beige boxing is one that still isn't outdated, this box or procedure requires a linemans handset or modified phone equipment, at that point you can hook directly up to the phone jack in back of a house or office as if you were inside the house and picked up the phone to make a call.

The Phreaker sticker brings out hours of conversation when seen, its unique design is bold and captures the payphone handset next to the wording. This vinyl sticker would be proud to be stuck on a sprint telco van or any other phone company trucks. We need pictures of this sticker in action! Send us photos when you apply any of our hacker stickers to objects.