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WarDriving is Not a Crime Ladies Baby Doll Shirt

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Ever gone out sniffing for wireless networks, counting APs, and wardriving? Know the facts about wardriving and what it entails. WarDriving is NOT a Crime, this T-shirt tells all. Of course you must know the rules first about what.s illegal and what is legal. If a hardcore WarDriver then this shirt belongs in your hacker shirt collection, who knows maybe one day it will be illegal and then you will have a souvenir and the value could go up even if its been worn 200x over and smells like you :)

Wardriver Tshirts like this are very unique as wardriving is still one of those special subjects. Impress your friends, families, and lovers with your t-shirt. Comes in all different sizes since we know each wardriver comes in different sizes also.