Comb Bar Set by Sparrow Lock Picks


Comb Bar 4 Piece Sparrow Lock Pick Set

Traditional Flat bars lend themselves well to a bit of adaptation.

Adding a comb picks and a Tubular tension wrench fit the profile without making them look like a shotgun with a crossbow added to the top.
All really great items in their own right and we would even say that Flat bars are essential to advancing your picking
Comb picks take the skill right out of the equation being one of the fastest bypass methods for certain locks.
As for Tubular tension and picking .... that takes practice and skill.

If you are not familiar with Flat bars they are a different style of tension wrench.
The main benefit is that you can use them at the top of the key way.
This frees up the bottom of the lock giving you more room to work and the ability to use deep hooks
SSDeV hooks would be a good example.

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