Pocket Pen Lock Pick Set w/ Keyring


Pocket Pen Lock Pick Set w/ Keyring

Southord has made a few lock pick pens but nothing like the Pocket Pen Lock Pick set with handy key ring. This complete set of lock picks is so convenient its like carrying around a pen. The set includes 14 stainless feel picks inside the aluminum body  and comes with 4 tension tools for lock picking as well as the awesome keyring. 


Now whenever your friends get locked out, you can pull out your handy southord pocket pen pick set and help them out by unlocking the lock that hinders their ambitions. And when they slip you a 20.00 for the time they were saved by waiting for a locksmith van to show up and get a free show out of it you've practically paid for the unit after a few times! 

Manufacture: Southord NPS-2000K

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