Sparrow Handcuff Shim Set (4 pcs)


Newly released set of 4 handcuff shims by Sparrows

Sparrows has released a new 4 shim set for handcuffs. The handcuff shims can open the cuffs by seperating the mechinism from the lock body that allows the arm of the cuff to swing open. Some handcuffs such as the TRI-MAX have a split rachet with a gate in the centerline which blocks standard shims from openeing it. But this set includes a few of these shims as well to give you another way to open these handcuffs! 

Works on Smith & Wesson, Peerless, Safariland and countless others

This set contains 4 Handcuff Shims
2 x Standard
2 x Split

Sparrow Handcuff Shim Set (4 pcs) Reviews

Review Sparrow Handcuff Shim Set (4 pcs)


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