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Debian Sticker

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Debian is one of the world's coolest and well-developed free operating system (OS) for your computer. Debian GNU/Linux a.k.a. Debian, is created/developed by The Debian Project, a group of individuals who have joined together to create you a free operating system.

Debian runs on the Linux kernel, the O.S. can run all of your favorite Linux programs such as web servers, encryption tools, and security programs to help audit your network. If you're already running Debian then you know how great an operating system it is. We run it on many of our servers and it has been doing such a great job. Debian is not limited to what it can run in any way, the OS is FREE! Why pay 1k for a Windows server when you can be running a great stable operating system to handle all your networking and internet needs and not be set back hundreds of dollars.

We've teamed up with Debian to create the Debian sticker, perfect for your notebooks, computers, cars and children. You may purchase the Debian sticker for 3.00, a dollar of which is donated to Debian (that is, to Software in the Public Interest, Inc., Debian's legal entity) or you can purchase it for 2.00 if you're unable to make a dollar donation to Debian. We highly suggest purchasing the sticker with the 1.00 donation, as the operating system is made available to you free of charge. (You can download it and burn it, it's not illegal to do so! :)

The sticker is available in three colors, white, black and of course red! These stickers are made from vinyl and are DICUT, very nice quality that sticks perfectly to untextured, clean surfaces.